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What a lovely, lovely book!
I was looking forward to reading "Chuck the Rooster Loses His Voice", as a markedly light-hearted change to the usual fare I'm offered as a reviewer, and I have to admit I loved every minute of it.  This is definitely a book I would buy for my own toddler, without hesitation - a great little 10-minute children's story, told in verse, about a group of farmyard friends who come together to devise an exciting way to help out the rooster when he falls ill.  Perfect for bedtime reading by Mum or Dad; the illustration is beautiful - fun, colourful and vivid - and there are some great characters.  And importantly, like all good children's stories, it features, at its core, a warm message of friendship, teamwork, responsibility and difference, all told with a touch of pop-culture thrown in.  The creators of this book have set out to achieve all of these things and pulled it off perfectly.

If I am to mention one flaw (and I do so hate to pick any fault with "Chuck the Rooster..."), it is that, while the language is certainly age-appropriate, perhaps the odd word is not one I would have chosen, and could be improved here and there.  At times, also, the verse doesn't flow, and its rhyming is slightly off.  This may be primarily due to the first language of the author; given the nature of this book and its intended reading, I'm not sure this would matter too much.  Still, as a perfectionist, I would have loved to see flawless verse, which is no less than this book deserves.  With the exception of these small details, "Chuck the Rooster..." is near-perfect, and I loved it.  If you have toddler-age kids, I highly recommend reading this book to them - they'll love it.

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