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really liked it
A satisfying trio of dark cautionary tales in the style of Richard Laymon, the 'Trinity...' is good, well-crafted horror, from an author who clearly spends alot of time indulging in the genre - the stories are familiar, the characters stereotypically deranged and deliciously twisted.

I really enjoyed these three tales - each has a great sense of atmosphere, satisfying dialogue and a range of personalities which we have come to expect in such shorts, and would not realistically be found anywhere else. You can tell an author which has fun with her writing, and Kyla clearly has alot of fun - this is why we love to read their books. She has a real knack for punchy, satisfying dialogue and a good descriptive prose, with a perfect sense of timing - as one scene, one conversation and one incident leads to the next, it does so each time with a good, comfortable fluency; in writing, particularly short-story writing - as in stand-up or flash fiction - timing is everything, and Kyla nails it. 

I suspect that she wrote the tales in the order they feature, as you can see her writing style subtly evolving with each, culminating in a lip-licking erotic thriller, which hints at, but doesn't quite prod at, a fetishist suggestion in the author's future work; something which I would very much like to see. The first, "Junk for Two", although a good read, lacks a little in the range of its descriptive vocabulary, something which improves to some extent; having said that, I do feel Kyla's overall writing will benefit as she develops as a wordsmith. Likewise, the punchy pace of this book is fun, but the sentences are perhaps a little too punchy, particularly in "Junk for Two" - I'd like to see them a little longer and more descriptive. 

Still, Kyla is not far off being the finished article, certainly where her genre is concerned, and if she is to continue writing prolifically, I've no doubt she'll produce increasingly good stuff - I'd look forward to that. Coupled with Kyla's clear indulgence, in the way she litters her graphic scenes with juicy effects and adjectives, here are all the makings of tongue-in-cheek, grisly horror fun for grown-ups. Although my favourite of the three stories has to be the shortest: "Iris", I'd love to read a novel Kyla has penned, and hope to do so soon. 

"Jilted Love" does leave you wanting more, but in a good way - I'd like to have seen a fourth tale in this collection, with a satisfyingly killer story, just to end on a satisfied sigh, but as it is, this book is definitely worth a read, and I recommend it.

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