Like most writers, I also love to read.
If you have written a book which you would like reviewed, please send it to me using the form.  If I read your book I will post reviews on GOODREADS, FACEBOOK, TWITTER and right here on my website - I'll also put your book's cover on INSTAGRAM and my Pinboard "BOOKS I'VE REVIEWED".  I'll do this for FREE - though if you want to return the favour I won't have a problem with that!  I will read most genres, including non-fiction.  Because of the professional nature of some of our services, we advise you to post our review to AMAZON as an "Editorial Review", by going to your Author Central area.

I rate books on the following 0-5 STAR basis:

"terrible - perhaps it's time to give it up!"
"well below-par"
"I've read worse, I suppose"
"an okay read"
"good book!"
"excellent! outstanding!"

I will always contact the author for permission before posting a review of 2-STARS or less, and may occasionally recommend services I think may help authors - I am a member of the SfEP (Society for Editors and Proofreaders).  I therefore prefer books in .PDF format - I highly recommend sending me finalized proofs, as I do consider formatting and grammar in my reviews.  

MY REVIEWS ARE DETAILED AND CONSTRUCTIVE - I WRITE HUNDREDS OF WORDS, rather than the simple nutshell summary others may provide (view examples here).  I am honest about most aspects, but I'll never dash dreams!  PREMIUM REQUESTS WILL BE TREATED EQUALLY HONESTLY - I DO NOT GIVE GOOD REVIEWS IN EXCHANGE FOR MONEY.

Due to a huge backlog, a free review can never be guaranteed!  
So, I offer a PREMIUM REVIEW SERVICE - for £30 (GBP) I will guarantee your book is reviewed by myself within a couple of weeks, jumping ahead of free listings on My Bookshelf.  Additionally, your Premium review payment will ensure books you send me in the future are prioritized over non-Premium submissions!

Purchase 3 Premium reviews for £70, with a 21-day total turnaround.  Simply choose this option when completing the submission form.
I am more than happy to publish your AUTHOR INTERVIEWS, on my editorial services website MJV Literary Author Services.
Find me in all of these:
(100k maximum word count applies - please contact us for longer books)

If your intention is to submit your book to agents or publishers, you need to give them exactly what they want.  Most receive scores of submissions per week, and will only read even a sample of your book if they like the synopsis.  It is therefore essential that your synopsis is concisely written and professionally formatted according to their expectations.

For £55 I can read your book in full and write you a good, professional concise synopsis (1-2 pages / 600-800 words).  I can not guarantee your submission results, but can assure you that the standard and formatting will be what they are after.

Get our PREMIUM BOOK REVIEW & SYNOPSIS PACKAGE for £75, and save £10 compared to purchasing them separately.

Select your preferred service from the form above.


I offer a high-quality, extremely popular beta-reading service, which is strongly recommended, and routinely undertaken by professional authors of any proficiency; beta-reading should always be carried out before finalizing your proof.  

For £55 I will read your book in full and return a long, comprehensive report advising you of any discrepancies and recommendations relating to the story, the grammar, character development, credibility, continuity and anything else I feel is of note, whilst suggesting embellishment of positive aspects.  I will adhere very closely to your instructions for feedback, if there are particular aspects of your book you would like me to pay attention to.  

If you choose this service, I will guarantee to read and review the completed book when it is published.  

Simply select "Beta-Reading Service" from the form above.

  • Premium reviews will always be read before free submissions, and will always be read on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Sending me your book is no guarantee that I will review it.  In the absence of Premium reviews or former Premium customer titles on My Bookshelf, I will read in no particular order, and will pick whichever submission takes my fancy next.
  • Your submission will not be considered a Premium review request until I have received confirmation of your payment to MJV Services by Paypal or Stripe.
  • I reserve the right to refuse Premium review requests for any reason - in these cases your payment will be immediately refunded in full.
  • IN NO OTHER CASES (INCLUDING A BAD REVIEW) ARE PAYMENTS REFUNDED - this applies even if you choose not to allow the review to be posted.  
  • My reviews are ALWAYS honest; I do not offer favourable reviews in exchange for Premium payment.
  • Subsequent standard submissions by former Premium customers will only take priority over non-Premium customers and are in no way guaranteed, in respect of when or even if they will be reviewed.  Only new, individually paid Premium reviews are fully guaranteed.
  • Unfortunately, it has become necessary for me to cap word counts accepted at 120,000, which includes Premium reviews.  The form will not allow you to submit longer counts - please be honest when filling in the word count field.
  • Unfortunately I am unable to post Customer Reviews on Amazon; my reviews should be added to your book's Amazon listing as an Editorial Review, by posting it in your Author Central area. 
While I promise to always create reviews impartially, without any bias or ulterior motive, in some cases I may consider it necessary to recommend you refer to the editorial services of professionals for whom I occasionally carry out paid editorial work.  I may also contact you from time to time to suggest the services of my own editorial company MJV Literary Author Services.  By submitting your writing you acknowledge and accept this disclosure.
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