Matt McAvoy was born in Hertfordshire in 1974.  As a child he attended the Torquay Grammar School for Boys and started writing fiction at an early age.

He has studied screen-writing and production, psychology, social policy and criminology.  Although he originally undertook the studies to make him a better writer in his favoured subject, since their completion he has spent many years working with young offenders as a mentor/project worker, and adult offenders as an officer with the public protection team.
Matt McAvoy

Matt enjoys writing dark, often comical, usually violent and sometimes even romantic fiction in the drama and thriller genres (though recently departed temporarily into horror, after being bought a creepy, bound parchment journal as a gift); he writes in a variety of formats, including short stories, novels and screenplays.  He is equally content publishing theses and essays on criminal behaviour and the British criminal justice system.  All of his diverse work can be downloaded from this website - most of it for free.  He is now the owner of MJV Literary Author Services, and a member of the SfEP (Society for Editors and Proofreaders).

Matt lives in London with his wife Katherine.

Author Matt McAvoy
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