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Posted by on Thursday, September 20, 2012 Under: "Modern Tales of Horror"

Author Matt McAvoy has announced that the three stories from his newest book “Modern Tales of Horror: Complete Collection” are to be offered free for the Amazon Kindle, in a promotion which will end on Hallowe’en.

“The Black Line”, “Clouds” and “Granjy’s Eyes” have been sold individually in an e-book format throughout the year in the retailer’s Kindlestore, the only place where they are available separately.  Collectively, however, they are available to purchase from various merchants, including directly at Matt’s own website, and in paperback form exclusively from Amazon.

The consecutive promotions are each 5-day events in the weeks preceding Hallowe’en, with the last of them ending on the day itself.  Immediately following the promotion each story will revert to its retail price of $0.99.  However, Matt advises it is extremely likely he will repeat the promotions early into the new year. 

“I hope the Hallowe’en promotion is a successful one,” he says.  “If it is, then why not repeat it?  And if it’s not, well then I suppose I’ll have to repeat it!”

Each story from “Modern Tales of Horror” will be available free Kindle download on the following dates:

            12th-16th October 2012 – “The Black Line”

            17th-21st October 2012 – “Clouds”

            27th-31st October 2012 – “Granjy’s Eyes”

For further details visit, follow Matt on Facebook/matt.mcavoy.94 or tweet him at @matt_mcavoy.

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