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The web-based non-profit organization and political pressure group has appointed its initial founder, novelist and criminologist Matt McAvoy, as its working chairman, immediately following its relaunch.

Mr. McAvoy originally founded the organization in 2007 whilst working as a probation service officer with the Lambeth Public Protection Team.  In the time since Matt has written and published novels, short-stories and screenplays in the drama, thriller and horror genres, though he insists he has always remained true to his criminological roots.  “You’ll find that even the horror I’ve written has a contemporary feel to it – the themes are very politically topical.  I just can’t stop myself.”  Matt’s strong political views certainly resonate throughout this new-look  What was once a dormant and helpful resource of information, popular with students, has returned as something far more active, ambitious and politically challenging, and will serve only as further evidence of the writer’s desire to leave ideological footprints in his wake.  For example, his latest publication tackles such current issues as elderly care funding, Islamic fundamentalism, social segregation and the bureaucratic obstacles for an East London tube line, and this is supposed to be horror fiction!  Although, in his defence, the author admits that horror-writing is not his natural vocation, and further reveals this recent attempt may be his last; “I don’t want to be typecast – it’s not what I do.  Criminology is what I do.”

This is probably why Matt has returned to with such a recharged sense of purpose.  Enter strongly-positioned petitions and inflammatory blogging galore, in an explicit attempt to totally dissect and reform British justice, from childhood to imprisonment.  He does claim, however, that activism has always been the intention of the organization from conception.  “The original plan for was to share our professional knowledge and education with violent crime victims, in one place, in plain English, and give them the forum to get together and use it.  The problem was that it became too popular, with students in particular, and somewhere along the way it grew lazy, measuring success by its hit-counter, and forgetting to engage and galvanize the activists.  Of course, the more shrewd may have realized that the very people we were managing to attract were probably the same ones we should have been effectively engaging for our discourse.”  So that’s the plan.  No cards close to his chest here – Matt plans to wield like a sword, gatecrashing the criminal justice system debate, and to do so with as much publicity as he can muster.  Fans of his writing won’t be surprised by this – he isn’t the most timid or politically-correct of authors.

So, shy students of sociology looking for extracts from Lombroso or Bowlby, although still assured they are still in the right place to do this when they visit, may find themselves having to navigate through a very enticing recruitment campaign to find traces of the old, more placid

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